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​Inside the "Say Cheese"  Trailer

Food prep before the Irish Setter Dog Show in Glen Allen, VA

​Life brings about changes every day - a lot of them driven by past experiences and more from the current influences in our society and environment.  We established Super FROG Catering in October 2016 as a tribute to our heritage and a plan for our future.  Being raised on a potato farm in northern Maine, faith, hard work, dedication and determination were heavy influences in my upbringing.  The 7th child of a family of 8 children certainly provided me with an appreciation for sharing and contributions.  In addition to farming, my father was also an owner/operator truck driver, known to many as 'Superfrog' up and down the east coast of the U.S.  It is in his honor that we use his CB handle namesake to reflect his inspiration to our business.  But of course, foremost, we honor God and His grace, recognizing that we Fully Rely On God (FROG) in everything that we do (and this is certainly the faith that my father instilled in his family every day).  Feeding a large family, "catering" was my mother's passion (and still is today).  She provided her exceptional meals for many events through the years and I was fortunate to "learn" from her talent.

After working 20+ years in our chosen field of work, we decided it was time to make a change - seeking an opportunity that would offer us the ability to work on our time - together - and make a lot of people smile with our delicious food offerings!  Heavily influenced by our children's favorite foods - Mac 'N Cheese and BBQ - and our family's potato heritage - we have created a menu that we hope people will love to "Say Cheese" to!

​The mobile food trailer approach, instead of a restaurant, offers us the ability to "move around" - providing us with the opportunity to see many people in different places!  Influenced by the many years of football, baseball and softball games - bringing great concession food to young players all around is something we also want to fulfill.

We are proud to be a local, small business in a community that strives to support the way of life we are setting out to fulfill.  We want to leave our children with a legacy they can look up to and potentially carry on in their own way in the future.

"Say Cheese"

Super FROG Catering

​Steve and Julie LaJoie Moore​​​

Say Cheese!!!